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Schools are teaching kids things they might never need to know again. We’re not teaching them how to be creative, or design, or deal with unexpected situations. The need of Redefine the education is required and we have come out of the monotonous education and design learning as more of a creative/innovative way where kids using both the left and right brain. Adapt one method that could inspire people.

Design thinking- Way forward for Kids.

Design thinking is a “solution-based” technique to solve a problem. It’s a creative process that engages kids in opportunities to empathize and understand user needs, identify/re-define problems, brainstorm ideas and finally test these ideas using prototypes to learn and iterate towards the best solution.

Why Design Thinking is important for Kids?

With the rapid advent of new deep technologies and many more which have not been invented yet, the future remains uncharted/un-defined. So how can we best prepare our kids for this unknown future?

Design Thinking is the need of the hour to develop a mindset to innovate/recreate/redesign products for the future. Design Thinking will ensure that our kids develop the-

  • Creative confidence to respond to new challenges/obstacles.

  • Ability to embrace failure, risk-taking and develop persistence – Develop a mindset of Never to die

  • Ability to identify and define problems to actionable solutions — in innovative ways.

  • Ability to learn, unlearn and relearn.

  • Understanding the value of collaboration, teamwork and feedback.

Let me elaborate by giving a simple example:

Traditionally our kids were taught to ‘learn for the experiment’ and are rewarded for the right answers by giving some chocolates and anything the kids wanted. The 21st century will be all creators, innovators and problem solvers who can adapt and pivot when necessary to flourish in a rapidly changing world. ‘Design thinking’ is that tool that can help us create those Innovators.

Gave my daughter – Chelvy a LEGO pulley system to play and understand the about what’s is pulley and how we can make one system attached to each other to work but when I woke up in the morning it was surprise for me to see that he converted the whole LEGO into a Kitchen and rotating seats for the people.

The best part was that she has imagined a revolving stove and making pan-cake for all. I asked why you made it revolving –she answered with belief I can cook better.

We may think what’s this? Where Design Thinking is came into picture at all? But if you see in detail she has made the whole set-up from the Kitchen to the seating arrangement of the guests - Just have a close look at the picture—That’s all about the creativity, imagination and prototype of the design concept.

Let’s get thinking!

Right brain – Get Set GO

The kids should be encouraged to explore real world problems. The Kids has to take charge of their own learning and understand that there is no right answer for any problem. Kids should be engage with design-thinking principle on a daily basis, across both the curriculum and day to day life. The type of optimism is required in the education ecosystem.

The Kids should be encouraged to follow the 5 stage of Design Thinking –

  • Empathy

  • Define

  • Ideate

  • Prototype

  • Test

Design is not just what it looks like and feels. Design is how it works – Steve Jobs

What’s Next…

The future of design thinking is about going beyond designing for today’s problems and how better than the Millennial Kids developing products which they want but not us deciding what they want. How can the Google, Microsoft, Amazon‘s decides what the millennial kids wants. Let us give the freedom to our kids of creating the whole for them, instead of us deciding it. All of us can be the external environment supporting them but the deciding factor. Let’s the Kids decide the world for them. Yes, empathy and experimentation are still musts but let’s give the future decide what they want.

“For us, it is about what’s next, but what’s already there and has gotten lost in the trash as it has been consumed by the kids. Design thinking has been around the block a bit: but have we really understood the real meaning of the same.

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