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Maddy LAB Program

STEM is the core of Maddy Lab Programs STEM Stands for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics and refers to any subjects that fall under these four disciplines. It is an integration and application of four different content areas to produce a population who can make 5th industrial Revolution Products. Maddy believes the most important component of STEM is to "learn by doing". Our courses are designed to encourage "Experiential Learning" - proving to be an important bridge between theoretical concepts learnt in textbooks & it`s practical applications.


Importance of STEM

  • STEM prepares students for life, regardless of profession they choose to follow.

  • STEM teaches students how to think critically and how to solve problems – skills that can be used throughout life.

  • Empowers students with technical knowledge that tomorrow's workforce will require  

  • Exposure to Inter-disciplinary courses

  • Introduces Students to Problem and Project Based Learning

  • Emotional engagement

  • Interaction with physical devices

  • Learning by doing

  • Multi-disciplinary learning & Constructive approach

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