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Maddy Started with a set of people thinking on the principle to do something and bring about a change in the current education system. In that journey Sarvesh Suman, Shilpi Gupta, Deepak Moudgil, Nitish Sharma, Nihar along with Uttam join hands to do something "MAD" - to provide a platform for the Millennials kids to do what they want to do. Maddy was fortunate enough to be blessed with Advisors who were in the education system for decades like Prakash Chander Prabhakar, Rakesh Sharma, Dr. Madan Singh, Rekha Kiran just to name a few.


Redefining the Way 
We Move

Dreamers by heart and technologists by profession, we are extremely passionate about our role in delivering excellence in education in schools and colleges across India. When passion meets purpose, the outcome is nothing short of a vision! And that precisely is how, we at MADDY have envisioned bringing world class products to equip and empower the students, firing their imagination beyond visual range(BVR), to explore their potential to the fullest.


Our Journey So Far

2021 - May


Titichel Maddy Toys Private Limited was formed on 12th May 2021, with a Vision to Redefine the Current Education system with the integration of STEM/STEAM by integrating Products, Programs and Training into the curriculum.

2021 - 15th August

1st Maddy Lab, Patiala was Inaugurate

The 1st Maddy Lab was inaugurated on 15th August 2021 for the kids of Patiala. Its a 2000 Sqft  space for the kids to create and innovative products.

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